Subversi0n NEW ALBUM + Live vids and Production Information

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Subversi0n NEW ALBUM + Live vids and Production Information

Post  ssskai on Mon Nov 16, 2009 6:47 pm

The band have been working on an album for quite a while now and i have been working on perfecting our production quality for what seems like a lifetime in order to achieve the sound the band wants etc.

This is a "Promo Audio Track Video" Posted on youtube giving a small demonstration of sound of the album:

After many months on end solid tweaking and experimenting without any sleep i think i have cracked what is now adopted as "subversi0n's Sound".
We are very low budget and don't really have much money to spare so we have to squeeze every drop of performance out of the gear we use.

In the case of this album, the guitars are almost entirely recorded through a pod x3 Pro going in to an Mbox 2 directly and utilising Pro Tools 8.
Drums were recorded at my university's Sound studio on a Pro Tools HD system and i had a lot of lovely Equipment to work with there, if a bit unreliable (it being an educational establishment etc).

The bass drum is triggered and we use a trigger sound that is specially for the album (we don't use triggers live) so as to give us the desired punchy kick sound we are aiming for.
For the snare we used an sm 57 on the top skin and a 58 for the snare underneath (my uni ran out of another 57 lol).
We were very lucky with the overheads as we had two C414 Mics and they just sound amazing no-matter what you use them on Smile
Guitars have been tracked 6 times each and we utilise the "Dual Tone" feature on the pod x3 pro to a high degree...oh and we use two 7 strings tuned to drop G (drop C with extra low tuned to G) and a 5 String bass.

We have created a compiled taster track for the album (same as the video above but just the audio) to give a little tiny taste of what it sounds like, as well as a full track "bypass". Head over to either one of these links to listen:reverbnation or Myspace

The album is still very much a work in progress but we would love to hear what people think of the production, critique, ideas, what you like or dislike about it etc.

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